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Picture of MP4 player. Very similiar to iPod Nano.

Picture of MP4 player. Very similiar to iPod Nano. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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The Best Software to Use for Ripping CDs

CD rippers are considered very useful especially if you have a wide selection of CDs waiting to be ripped. They also come in handy when your media player does not come with its own CD ripper. The quality of a CD ripper is determined by its flexibility as well as its ease of use.
Here are the some CD ripping software available:
1. Kat CD Ripper
This free CD ripper is free and it is an excellent tool which works in the Windows platform. It is quite outstanding with its good feature set. It has the capability to generate WMA, MP3, FLAC, WAV, OCG, Monkey’s Audio, and other files. It can also convert audios which are compressed to WAV, and vice versa.
2. FreeRIP 3 Basic Edition
One noticeable thing about this tool is its interface. It is plainly intuitive to use. This free ripper has the capability to extract audio from CDs and convert them to WMA, MP3 FLAC and Vorbis formats. It can also be used to convert audio format and a tagger.
3. Exact Audio Copy (EAC)
Reality is, EAC is not exactly novice friendly. It is not even fully featured, and it is also not a fast tool for CD ripping. However, one thing for sure, it is famous because of its accuracy. Its current version works with the same technology of AccurateRip and uses a technique where programs are read in every sector at least two times, thus ensuring that the accurate data is copied. This is perfect if you are planning to extract files from a badly scratched disk. Instead of simply giving up like what other CD rippers do, EAC does its best to restore all the files it possibly can. Many users have even agreed that by far, EAC is considered as the Best Software for Ripping CDs.

However You Decide To Go, Getting Those Scratch-Prone Piles Of Once Futuristic Seeming Silver Platters Out Of Your Life (While Transporting The Tunes To UBER EASY and CONVENIENT Digital Files) Is Going To Be A Great Move You’ll Be Happy You Made.